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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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iM-niin * u .y« immc .L ever read
Hut Citflrillon or Calpren&de?
Thin very thing of Mr. Chute's
Swimi with my taste and fancy suits.
Oh 1 had it but in French been writ,
Tworo tho genteelest, sweetest bit!
Ono hatos a "vulgar English poet:
I vow t'yo,  I should blush to show it,
To woinoii de ma connoissance,
Bid not that affreallc stance,
Cher double entendre! furnish means
Of making1 sweet Patapanins4!'
fy doar Kir, your translation shall stand foremost in the
apaniana: I hope in time to have poems upon him,
sayingH of hia own, enough to make a notable book.
attendant, I have sent you some pamphlets to amuse
ir Holitudo ; for,  do you see, as tramontane as I am, and
much as I lovo Florence, and hate the country, while we
ke auch a figure in the world, or at least such a noise
Mr. Ohntn had flout Mr. Walpolo following imUut.iou   of an opi-tn of Martini :
wa oafc {uiflsont iinqnior Cfttulli, jaa out pnriov oHculo aolumbao.' MurUul, Lib. I, Ep. 110. 'ata is frolio.lcBOiHo and smart, 1.8   UoofTry   01100   was — (Oh  my
heart !)
lo'e purer than a turtle's kiss, aid guntlor thuu <t lifcfclo miss ; Ik. jowol lor n linly's oar, Ind Mr. Walpolo'fl protty dear. lo ItvugliB or orios witli mirth or
EIo  does not apoak,   but thinks
'tis plain. 3no knows his little   Ouai's as
At) if lio'd little words to teU. Ooil'd in a hnap, a, plumy wreathe, Ho sloops, you hardly hear him
Then he 's so nico, wlio ever saw A drop that sullied his sofa?
His bended leg!—what's this but
Points out his little exigence. He looks, and points, and whisks
about, And says, Pray, dear Sir, let me.
Where shall we find a little wife, To be the comfort of his life, To frisk and skip, and furnish
Of making sweet Patapanins ? England, alas! can boast no she, Fit only for his cioisbee. Must greedy Pate then have him
all?— No;  Wootton to  our  aid we'll
The immortality 'e the same, Built on a shadow or a name. He shall have one by Wootton's
The other Wootton for his pains.' Walpole. :